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In Your House In Your House If the TV is getting to be too much, and the kids are in need of some creative stimulation, who better than the storyteller to bring some life back to the old heroes in your own home?
Drawing of the stories of the Makery as well as many others, I will visit you and your children in the comfort of their own home to entertain and to attempt to encourage the storyteller in your children.

Each session lasts 1 hour (although this can be shortened or extended as required) and is intended for small groups of children (1 or 2 families). Larger groups can also be catered for, however, this attracts a different fee.
Price (per hour): £15.

I have presented the Makery in libaries in Huntingdonshire and have a clear, enhanced CRB disclosure filed at Cambridgeshire County Council.
The Makery For as long as anyone can remember, the people who make things have found themelves in ambiguity. On one hand they have knowledge and power, on the other they find themselves separated, on the edge of society. Not generally averse to social exclusion or to increasing their aura of mystery, today's engineers have much in common with the blacksmiths, medicine-men, witches and shamen of the past.
Delving into the depths of my engineering past and dredging all the theatre I know, I have compiled a repertoire of stories of Makers: of dwarves, of smithies, of a certain 18th century scientist for presentation to 4-11 year olds.
Combining stories with interaction, improvisation and theatrical games, I attempt not only to entertain the children but to make them question, offer alternatives and encourage them to find and tell their own stories.

The session can be tailored both in terms which stories I use and the session length to suit the needs of the audience.

Please call for availability and pricing.