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Web Design

Web Design I specialise in the creation of low-cost (a simple site, domain name registration and 1 years hosting will cost approximately £100), reliable, flexible internet presence for small businesses, community and other local groups. My emphasis is on the creation of a simple website, either static or dynamic, using HTML, Javascript and CSS to make the client visible on the internet. I aim to provide a rapid, personal and adaptable service to create, teach and maintain a web-presence to complement your needs.
Web Marketing & Maintenance Once created a website will need to be maintained and marketed. Whilst there are many companies who will specialise in marketing your website (and, potentially much better than me), I can implement a number of simple strategies that should make your website more prominent that it was previously, at a fraction of the cost.
Web Design / Maintenance Tutorials If you would prefer to create your own website but are not sure how or would like an introduction to website creation with HTML (and then CSS, JavaScript, CGI, PHP and so on...) or a detailed course in HTML or JavaScript or you have problems with a page, just give me a call. I charge £5 for 15minutes and £15 for an hour and I am just as happy to give you ideas and suggestions for your own study, provide one-to-one paced lessons or to provide a complete course.