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Teaching & Support

All teaching and support is charged at £5 for 15 minutes or £15 for 1 hour.


Basic Computer Use

I can provide you with tuition on many aspects of computer use (and theory) drawing on my 16 years of academic and industrial experience.
If you want a basic introduction to your PC, the use of any applications such as word processors or graphics programs, I can create a single-session or course of work tailored to your needs, aims and abilities.

Tutorial Help

There are often free alternatives provided by, for example, your local library, but sometimes these are not quite what you want, in that case, I may be able to provide additional input that gives you the best value combination.

Web-design Tutorials & Troubleshooting

In addition, I can provide single lessons, problem-solving services or whole courses on the creation of web-pages and web-sites using HTML, CSS and Java/Javascript. Sessions are organised to suit you and run at whatever pace you require to make sure you get the greatest benefit.


I have spent many years writing software in various languages from Fortran, Pascal and FORTH to C and Java, although mostly in C and I am happy to provide tuition in many languages, from full courses to one-off, troubleshooting sessions.
PC Support

Local, first-aid support

I can provide a first-aid support with, generally, a fast response time, to most PC (and often Mac) related problems. There is no call-out charge if within 15 miles, otherwise, just a minimum charge sufficient to cover fuel costs. I will usually determine whether I am able to help within the first 15 minutes or indicate that you will benefit from another expert to fix your problem.

General PC Maintenance

PCs like other machines need occasional maintenance to keep them running well. I can clean PCs of unwanted software, defragment drives, tidy and archive old data and help you to create an effective backup strategy.
I can utilise my many years of experience of many different types of computer to help you to determine whether you should upgrade part or all of your system.