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Electronics & Software Consultancy

Instrumentation Design I have 10 years experience of prototype analogue and digital design and construction in the field of chemical sensor instrumentation: from the specification of analogue-digital ASIC's (my PhD included the design of analogue-digital silicon and post-processing of biological components onto exposed electrode-pads) through hand-held, microprocessor controlled instruments / dataloggers to laboratory rack-mounted array systems, I have a broad spectrum of academic and industrial experience.

In addition, I have many years experience of various audio, video and microprocessor control electronics applied to live performance art as well as several years industrial experience of digital television receivers.
Software Development In many cases, the instrumentation I have developed has been implemented with an embedded microcontroller. In simple cases this required the complete design of boot-up and operating software. In more complex cases a third-party OS was specified. The primary development language I have used is C with assembler where needed for boot code and optimised sections.
As well as embedded instrumentation, I have spent several years developing drivers and application code for digital television set-top-boxes using C and an RTOS.
Documentation All projects require documentation which is often ignored, forgotten or just not got round to. Throughout my career, I have experienced many different consequences of poor and good documentation and can provide documentation in conventional PC/paper form or as a series of linked HTML pages.