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Video Activism

Video Projects Since 1997, I have been working with video in theatre using the camera as an integral part of a performer's role. I have also used stills photography extensively both within and for publicising theatrical performances.

In recent years, I have become more driven by a desire to do something real in the world, to change the human things that make the world a bad place to live and have begun to turn to video activism as a role which combines the skills I have developed with the desire to effect.

I can offer the full creative process from storyboarding to shooting on DV (and sound capture on MD) to editing and VHS / DVD creation and replication (and covers). I can also convert the completed video to formats that are suitable for inclusion on websites.
My aim is to provide you or your organisation with whatever it is that you require and to fit in with whatever are your needs and existing capabilities.

All I ask is that the campaign is something which I can support and that I am paid a reasonable wage for the work I do. This will, of course, also depend on what you can afford and how poor I am.

I have completed two videos for a DVD for the International Breast-Feeding Action Network (IBFAN) detailing their attempts to enforce the breast-milk substitute marketing directives (see the Baby Milk Action website).
I am currently working with the Simultaneous Policy group (see their website) on a video that will be used to help other groups to get started around the UK and the rest of the world.